Why are we called CHIL?

Imagine that Time When you started Getting Worried about your next Appointment with your Doctor:



Imagine those Worries ,the  sleepless Nights you had just because your Doctor was staying 50 Kilometers from your  Home or May be Your doctor Needed to follow you up at  at 4 am in the Morning  or May be You got a Medical  emergency late in  the Night and you could not  access your Doctors Phone number  :



Have you ever Had or Taken Care of Cancer Patient all the sudden you forget the day When she is supposed to go back for her Periodic Review??

What about having a cancer Patient or living with cancer as you all worried about remembering to the Quantities of each of Oral Chemotherapy Drug :

What of any Normal woman whose desire is to carry out periodic cervical cancer screening  but can not even Trace any screening center near by her Home ??

All this turns Seeking from being being a relief Extender to being Stressful,Worrying & more-less like War :

Our Founder who was not exempted by the above worries sat down  and thought about;

How could Technology especially Machine Learning could Help a woman whose chances of early and regular cancer screening are covered to the top by the above Hindrances 


How  best could anyone with any cancer could get any Oncology related services as they chil at home with their family members  Hence starting Community Health Care Innovation Lab ( CHIL)

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